Owners, Farmers and Lovers of Good Food!

justina gavin
Justina Gavin


One of the founders and owners at Drumanilra Farm, Justina manages the the day to day at the kitchen and farm shop.

liam gavin
Liam Gavin


Organic Farm Team

julia lehman
Julia Lehman

Head Organic Gardener

Jane is our friendly expert in the kitchen who covers everything from organic gardening, to artisan recipies.

ashton coles
Ashton Coles

Organic Horticulture Intern

Farm Kitchen & Shop Team

emily moran
Emily Moran

Café and Deli Manager

shauna wynne
Shauna Wynne


rosheen gallagher
Rosheen Gallagher


Chief Taste Testers

fionn, aaron and emily-ann gavin
Fionn, Aaron & Emily-Anne Gavin