“Our Products”

Available from our new farm shop locations in 2020.
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organic vegetables on the shelf
organic products on the shelf
farm shop hamper
farm shop shelves and cold unit

Organic Meat

We sell Dexter and Angus Beef, Jacob and Shetland lamb, Tamworth and Berkshire pork, Bronze turkeys, Embden geese and organic chickens. Our beef burgers, pork sausages and dry cure hams are made by hand, from our own beef and pork blended with organic salt, herbs and spices.

Our organic meat is produced on Drumanilra Organic Farm and by a handful of other local organic producers. Currently we sell from our freezers in the farm shop. Our Christmas meats (organic bronze turkeys, geese and hams) are sold fresh at Christmas time.

Organic Vegetables

We sell seasonal, mixed leaf salad bags and vegetables grown in our four polytunnels on Drumanilra Organic Farm.  We also sell fruit and vegetables from other organic growers.


French breads, soda breads and sourdough baked daily.

Sweet Things

Handmade scones, brownies and cookies made with free-range eggs and real butter.  Locally handmade chocolate including Clo’s and Blakes. Pandora Bell luxury sweets.


We have a great selection of Irish farmhouse cheeses including Cashel Blue, Knockanore, Cooley, Cooleeney, Cais na Tire, 15 Fields, Hegartys, Gubeen and a continental cheese selection.

Anti-Pasti and Salads from the Deli-Counter

We sell a selection of anti-pasti by the tub including Sheridan’s blended Kalamata and haldiki olives and roasted peppers stuffed with feta. We also sell our own recipe hummus, coleslaw made with organic vegetables, and a range of seasonal salads made in our kitchen with ingredients grown on the farm.

Cured Meats

Drumanilra organic cooked and sliced dry cure ham.  Inch House black and white pudding. Gubeen salami, chorizo and pepperoni. A range of Italian cured meats from Italicatessen.

Chutneys & Biscuits for Cheese

A great selection from Sheridan’s, Ditty’s, Janet’s Fayre and GranGran’s.


Artisan, Irish and organic store-cupboard ingredients including vinegars, oils, spices, mustards, sauces, dressings, pulses and organic flour.