About Drumanilra Organic Farm

At Drumanilra Organic Farm we specialise in Irish native breeds reared outdoors on our small, family-run, organic farm on the shores of Lough Key in County Roscommon.

We keep a pedigree herd of Irish Dexter cattle. Dexters are an endangered, native Irish cattle breed, renowned for flavoursome and well-marbled beef.

We raise rare-breed Jacob sheep slowly on grass.

We have two pedigree sows and we produce small batches of outdoor Berkshire and Irish Grazer (Tamworth) pork. Our rashers and hams are hand-cured, using a traditional organic dry cure, and our organic 95% pork sausages are handmade.

For Christmas, we raise organic free range geese, ducks and bronze turkeys.

Throughout the year, we keep a flock of laying hens and several polytunnels where we grow organic salads and vegetables to complement our meats, sold in the Drumanilra Farm Kitchen and Shop just ten minutes away on Elphin Street, in Boyle.

“Healthy happy heritage breeds raised on the shores of Lough Key”