We raise organic bronze turkeys for Christmas as well as geese and ducks. We also keep laying hens.

All our birds live out-doors in pens surrounded by electric poultry netting to keep them safe from predators. Our hens have a large grassy pen to roam in by day. They are great foragers and love to eat grass and roots as well as grub around for worms and insects – a favourite source of protein. We supplement their diet with organic feed.

For us, the quality of eggs from small flocks of free-ranging birds like ours, is one of the strongest arguments for organic and free-range. The shells are tough, the whites are strong and hold together when the egg is cracked, and the yolks are a bright, bright yellow. They are instantly recognisable as a different product to the eggs of intensively cage-reared birds. We believe that if you try them once, you will find it hard to go back!

turkeys in a field
flock of geese
hen in a field