Jacob & Shetland Sheep

sheep-2We keep Jacob and Shetland sheep at Drumanilra.

The Jacob sheep is a rare breed of small, black and white spotted sheep with curly horns. Shetlands are brown or black. Jacobs are usually raised for their wool, meat, and hides. They have been used as guard animals to protect farm property from theft or vandalism and defend other livestock against predators. We keep them for their delicious flavoured meat.

Generally referred to as an unimproved or heirloom breed (one that has survived with little human selection), the Jacob is descended from an ancient Old World breed of sheep and are referred to in the Old Testament.


Our lambs are fattened on organic grass and slow-grown. Research has shown that meat from animals with a high grass content in their diet, have higher levels and a healthier balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids than those from animals fattened on grain based concentrates. Our own taste tests prove it to be rich, textured and full of flavour!