Why Organic – Its Good Stuff!

organic-trust-wink-bullOur meats are certified as organic which means that our farm is regularly inspected by the Organic Trust to ensure that we are complying with organic standards. These include stipulation on how much access to indoor and outdoor space our animals must receive in their lifetime. Routine use of antibiotics is forbidden (in farming systems where animals are kept indoors in crowded conditions, antibiotics are often routinely administered to prevent the spread of disease).

Our cattle and sheep are reared outdoors on organic grass, silage and hay.

In organics, grass-land used for grazing, hay and silage, must go through a two year conversion period and must be free from synthetic fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides. Supplementary feeds must be free of GM ingredients (many mainstream animal feeds are based on genetically modified soybean).

Our pigs are also reared outdoors, are free to forage and root in the soil, and fed certified organic pig feed. We have chosen native Irish breeds wherever possible, because we believe these breeds are best suited to our landscape and environment, because we are passionate about preserving Ireland’s rich farming heritage, and because, reared for flavour rather than for the quick-growing characteristics of more commercial breeds, they taste fantastic!