New!! Super Juice Box




A fantastic selection of organic fruit & veg to pop through your juicer. You should get up to 12 glasses from our new juicing box.

This week it’s:

750g Oranges

500g Apples

500g Carrots

500g Beetroot

300g Lemons

1 Head of Celery

2x150g Spinach

1 Chilli

Why not turn it into in one of these:

Zingy Heart Beet Juice


2 Beetroot

4 Carrots

2 Oranges

1 Chilli

Method: Scrub and roughly chop the carrots, beets and oranges, skin and all, and pass through your juicer.  Add a few slices of chili to taste.

Super Green Juice


2 Apples

2 Carrots

2 Celery Stalks

1 Bunch of Spinach

Method: Scrub and roughly chop the veg. Pass the ingredients through your juicer. Stir and enjoy!